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Download the Complete Event Rules Document

Please take all of your tires and fuel cans with you.  The Club is fined $50 for each tire and fuel can left at the facility after the event.

Spec Pump Fuel:  Must be 87 octane purchased on the morning of the event from the Mobil Station at 3995 N. Perris Blvd. (corner of Ramona Expressway & Perris Bl.) just west of the Fair Grounds.  May not be mixed with any other fuel.

Driver's Meeting:  All drivers are required to attend.  Random roll call will be made, violation may result in loss of grid position for qualifying or heats.  The Pre-Tech form must be handed in before your kart is allowed on track.

Race Format:  The scheduled race day consists of two Warm-Up sessions, a Qualifying session, two Heat races and a Main event.  Finishing order in each round determines starting position for the next round.

Pit Insurance Regulations:  Wristbands are required for everyone in the facility, No Exceptions.  Except for mobility-impaired the following are not allowed in the pits:  Wheeled transportation (bikes, scooters etc.), Pets, Games (balls, frisbees, etc.).

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:  Physical or verbal abuse will result in an immediate Level 2 DQ, with the competitor being suspended and asked to leave the facility. 

Auto Club Speedway:  Remember that we are guests at the facility where we hold our events.  Please maintain posted speed limits on & around Perris Fair Grounds property.

PAK Classes compete under World Karting Association technical regulations.  The Tech Manual can be purchased from WKA here.  The PAK Rules document contains information supplementing and clarifying the WKA technical regulations.